Hayley Fox
Pressure Gauge: Strength & Beauty
Hayley is the total package. She's a stunning model with thick STRONG thighs and loves to see a man beg for mercy! Right from the get go, you can tell that Jay is going to be in BIG trouble! She starts this Pressure Gauge with a reverse headscissor. Her legs are solid and do not budge. She slowly adds more pressure and all he can do is scream, wishing it to be over. You see her sexy smile every time she makes him panic and even more so when she knocks him out with her figure-4. The second she locked on that scissorhold, he was gasping for air. It's no wonder he went out when she constricted her muscles. Hayley continues to punish him scissor after scissor and looks HOT doing so. After putting Jay through the ringer, she strikes a victory pose showing off those sexy biceps and amazing booty. You're going to love this one!
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