Escape This 2: Police Brutality!
Following the events of the first "Escape This" (feat. Sadie Rose), officer Hazel walks in after Sadie has already tied up and held the burglar captive between her thighs. The officer instructs her to go upstairs and give her statement while she "handles" the law breaker. Fascinated by the way Sadie held him captive with her legs, Hazel decides to give it a try. With her ripped muscular legs, this is going to be hell for him. The officer demands that he fesses up, otherwise, feel the wrath of her newfound scissorholds. She REALLY pours on the pressure, making this criminal wishing that he had made better choices in life. This is certainly police brutality at its finest and officer Hazel has all the ammunition she needs to get justice. In fact, she is so proud of her work that she decides to give him one good final squeeze that puts him to sleep. After waking from his nap, she stands him up, reads him his rights then escorts him upstairs. To be continued...
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