Fitness Fanatic: Feel The Muscle!
Trent enters the gym looking for his personal trainer that he's been appointed but is discouraged when he finds out it's a woman. He's about to find out that Hazel is no ordinary woman! She quickly grabs his head and locks it between her solid muscular legs. She loves breaking in her new clients, especially male chauvinists. While in a standing headscissor, she starts flexing her biceps, demanding that he looks at them but he's facing her feet and can't turn his head. Hazel takes him to the ground, cranks his neck around and forces him to admire her arms. She alternates holds and continues to make him feel, worship and even kiss her sexy ripped muscles. It isn't over until he's felt every part of her chiseled body. She then goes for the grand finale and gives him a taste of her power by knocking him out with a brutal reverse headscissor. Upon awakening, Hazel strikes a victory pose and demands that he returns for more "fitness" training.
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