Pressure Gauge: Full Power Crisis!
Hazel LOVES showing off her power as you will see here. She starts off nice and slow but by the time she hits 100% of her strength, Jay goes into full crisis mode. Her scissors are far beyond what any man can handle! She gets him tapping frantically and bucking like a bull. He begs her to stop and yells out "I give!" numerous times but as Hazel reminds him: "There's no giving up!". He is forced to feel the full force of Hazel's incredible scissors. Every scissor gets more intense than the previous one and she saves the best for last. Jay made the mistake earlier on of admitting that the reverse side headscissor is the one that most often puts him out. So when Hazel puts him in that hold and cranks up the pressure, you can tell what her intentions were. She knocks him right out then does a flex victory pose over his body. Those legs were built for CRUSHING!
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