Scissor Challenge 256
If one thing's for sure, it's that once Hazel gets you in her vise, there's absolutely no escaping it. In fact, while hopelessly trapped between her rock hard muscular legs, all you can hope for is that she doesn't squeeze too hard and snaps something because she is THAT strong! While Jay is tasked to try and escape those steel clamps, Hazel gives him plenty of motivation by squeezing harder until she feels as though he's putting some effort into it. It's a high stakes ride but totally worth it if you love extremely scary situations. Get a glimpse of what it's like to be her scissor slave with some P.O.V. then witness her put out a man out with the strength of her thighs. She holds it extra long to make sure he's really out! The best is after striking a victory pose over his body, she decides she hasn't had enough and locks him back into her reverse headscissors and squeezes him without mercy! With her energy, this may go on all day!
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