Ultimate Fighter!
Newcomer Hazel, who is fairly new to session wrestling and has been kicking ass all over North America, admitted that she couldn't wait to work with us and put Jay in her python squeeze! She is in amazing shape and incredibly strong! To top it off, she's been training hard, learning self defense and NEVER skips leg day! We decided to let her do whatever she wants to Jay without any restrictions. Poor guy didn't stand a chance. Hazel teases and taunts him to try and escape her holds. Her muscles explode in every hold as her opponent is helplessly trapped between them. There's a bit of everything in this fight and you'll especially like the REAL KO that she purposely does using a reverse headscissor. You'll notice as soon as she straightens her legs, he was done. She even holds it for a few extra seconds to make sure he's out! Hazel gets up, grabs a hold of his wrists, steps on his throat and yells at him: "GET UP! I'm not done with you yet!" She applies a few more scissors on him until he's finally broken down and terrified. She shoves her foot on his mouth and strikes a victory pose. She truly is an ultimate fighter and we highly recommend that you session with her. You won't regret it!
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