Jade of London
Bedroom Battles Round 34
This is the last video that we have of the luscious Jade of London so strap in and enjoy because this is a good one! This playful wrestling match on a hotel bed certainly shows just how strong and dominant she really is. The second she clamps those big thick thighs around you, it's game over! All of the trash talking in that sexy London accent also makes her that much more enchanting. While trapped in her inescapable scissors, she loves to flex her biceps, torment and tickle him. With that stunning smile, you can tell that she really enjoys overpowering men. Even with all those pleas for mercy, Jade decides to demonstrate her strength by finishing him off with a reverse headscissor knockout! She then shows off her athletic body with a hot victory pose. We really hope she comes back to kick more ass and shoot more videos with us in the future.
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