Jade of London
Pressure Gauge: Bootylicious!
We didn't know what to expect from Jade since we couldn't find any scissor videos of her online. Well that's about to change since she's now on ScissorFoxes, and boy did she surpass our expectations. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous (even better in person as hard as it is to believe), but she's also a real powerhouse. Her legs are solid muscle! She also has a very sexy accent but her most noticeable ASSet is her amazing booty! Being trapped in her reverse headscissor and being forced to stare at that is what dreams are made of. Be careful because, as you will see in this Pressure Gauge, Jade has the power to actually put you to sleep and make you dream for REAL! Jay didn't stand a chance against that reverse. Hold after hold, Jade cranks the pressure all the way to 100% no matter how much he panicked or tapped out. She does this with a sexy grin on her face and finishes with a victory pose. This demonstration of strength will certainly have you begging for more and don't worry, it's coming. Please welcome Jade of London to the team!
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