Janira Wolfe
My Dom Alter Ego
My boyfriend has no idea what he's in for. It's date night and while he's asking me what we should do, I stroll in the room wearing a white robe. I slowly take it off and reveal the SEXIEST latex outfit he's ever seen. His mind is completely blown! I then take out my single tail whip and confess to having a secret life as a dominatrix. It's time to take date night up a notch! I order him to his knees then force his head between my legs. I squeeze him mercilessly and his fear of my power totally gets me off. He's never experienced my strength and dominant side before. He couldn't breathe in my scissors, especially from the reverse headscissor, which is my FAVORITE! I keep things interesting by doing the splits on his neck and a little facesitting. I then let him know if he wants to stay together, he has to handle the full wrath! While lying on top of him with his neck locked in a front headscissor, I lean all the way back and squeeze so hard that my legs start shaking like an earthquake. It's what I call a scissor eruption! This is what we'll be doing every date night from now on.
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