Janira Wolfe
Pressure Gauge: Pain for Pleasure!
We've never seen so much determination to squeeze a man's head off before! Janira pours on the pressure with such joy and enthusiasm. She gives it everything she's got, fully extending her body with her leg definition exploding of muscles! His face is completely purple as he taps frantically and begs her to stop! Janira laughs, squeezing harder and HARDER, ignoring all of his pleas. She's almost in a euphoric state at her max power. She manages to knock him out twice! Right before the second KO, she tells him "just one more" and scoops him up in a tight reverse. He didn't stand a chance! Janira Wolfe is simply incredible and she will eat you alive! (The Full Video includes bonus footage of the test squeeze which we normally do before every shoot. This is to gauge the strength and tolerance of both model and victim. This one was quite entertaining and almost had a knockout.)
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