Janira Wolfe
Scissor Challenge 250
Another record was broken on ScissorFoxes by our newest fox Janira Wolfe! 6 REAL KNOCKOUTS in a row!!! This is insane! Let us give you a little back story. Jay made the mistake of admitting earlier that he loves being knocked out. What he didn't know is that Janira loves knocking men out probably even more! After destroying both victims with her ridiculously strong legs in the first 5 videos, Jay was hoping that she may have weakened a little for this reverse challenge. NOT EVEN CLOSE!! Turns out she was harvesting energy for this and decided to give it everything she's got! We also found out that this ex-dancer and track runner worked out harder than usual just to make sure she knocked it out of the park for us. Well, she certainly did that!! Fast forward to now, Jay has no choice but to endure what is about to happen to him. The second Janira locks her steel thighs around his neck, he knew he was in for it. He said he didn't recall most of what happened after the first 2 knockouts. It was a big blur. Janira decided to show off her knockout skills, knocking Jay out a total of 6 times! He's in a total daze and after the massacre, it took him a while to recuperate. We know you'll LOVE Janira's debut video and to top it off, it also includes some sexy P.O.V.! You don't want to miss this!
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