Janira Wolfe
Xenia Onatopp: Body Breaking Erotica
Get ready for one for our most erotic Xenia Onatopp reenactments yet! Janira Wolfe takes it up a notch to deliver one incredible steamy sauna scene. Every bone cracking bodyscissors from this portion of Goldeneye are perfectly executed. There are also plenty of headscissors and split scissors which are exceptionally orgasmic. Bond is no match for Xenia's superior leg strength. With every squeeze, his throat and ribs collapse bit by bit, slowly wearing him down until her climatic ending. She gets him in a VERY tight bodyscissor. Bond, unable to bear the pain, begs her "Xenia please!", to which she responds "Please break your ribs?" then whispers in his ear "That's what I want". Her legs shoot out in front of her, breaking multiple ribs! He screams out in horrific agony until Xenia is done with him and finally lets him go. We hope you enjoy this as much as Janira did because the pleasure was all hers!
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