Jasmine Mendez
Pressure Gauge: The Queen of Panic!
People always ask us who's the strongest woman that we've ever worked with. We can honestly say that Jasmine Mendez is definitely in the top 10 and you're about to see one of the most intense Pressure Gauges we have ever produced. Our victim Trent has a very high pain tolerance but nothing could have prepared him for this. Jasmine goes full out sadistic on him, bringing him far beyond his limits to the point that he's actually grasping her meaty thighs and trying to pull them apart out of sheer desperation. We've never seen him so terrified before and this is only at about 40 to 50 percent of her strength. In some holds, she'll crank it up to 100% of her power making Trent go completely berserk! After watching this, you will love and fear this woman as she truly is the Queen of Panic!
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