Miss Jasmine
Bedroom Battles Round 33
There's nothing more exciting than wrestling a hot woman in your bed and being forced to submit while being crushed between their legs, especially with hotties like Miss Jasmine. Her determination to make you beg or pass out while she smiles and turns up the pressure is what makes these Bedroom Battles so great. Miss Jasmine is quick and beyond strong. When she wants you to go to sleep, you have no choice but wait for the inevitable. She gets her first KO using a triangle choke and after doing so, she eases her grip a little, waits until he wakes up then clamps her legs down again, making him tap out repeatedly. Right at the end of the match, she gets him in a front headscissor off the bed, looks into his eyes and tells him that it's sleepy time. Her inner thighs constrict his neck and he's out within seconds. This is one HOT semi-comp match and certainly one of Miss Jasmine's most entertaining videos yet!
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