Miss Jasmine
Chun Li P.O.V.
Miss Jasmine returns as the beloved Chun Li but this time it's YOU being CRUSHED between those lethal thighs! This P.O.V. will certainly satisfy your street fighter fantasy! After a high kick to the head sending you to the floor, Chun Li mounts you, shoving your neck deep between her thighs into a reverse headscissor. You're held prisoner, forced to stare at her perfect ass. She has you right where she wants you and there's no way of prying those steel legs apart. All of a sudden, her butt cheeks clench together and you find yourself going numb then it's lights out! You wake up to find yourself getting pulled into a deep front headscissor. Chun Li torments you as her scissors continuously get tighter. Finally, she's had enough of you and decides to show you just how powerful her legs really are! She snaps your neck 3 times with shocking force then stands over your body striking a victory pose! This video includes both point of views for the high kick, both headscissors, knockout, neck breakers and victory pose. ENJOY!
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