Miss Jasmine
Chun Li: Ultimate Edition!
Chun Li is the sexiest, most dominating street fighter and Miss Jasmine reprises her role, ready to kick some ass AGAIN! This was shot in front of a live audience over a year ago at the Oasis Aqualounge and we didn't want to release it until we perfected it. Well, get ready because the time is NOW! This video contains 2 fights, loads of cool sound effects and slow motion up-close instant replays. The first fight, Chun Li (wearing her iconic white high heel boots) destroys her opponent "Sub Par" with a fury of kicks, knees, punches and elbow strikes! She then takes him to the ground and puts him in a front headscissor where you can actually hear the bones in his neck slowly cracking. The crowd is chanting her name when his neck gives out and snaps! She stands up, puts a foot on his chest and poses for her fans. The next match is on the big mats against "Redman" whose face turns as red as his shirt as soon as Chun Li clamps down on her vicious scissors. She squeezes so hard, his head actually looks like it may pop off. If you listen closely, you can actually hear the muscles tightening as she's wringing out his neck. He screams out of terror but they eventually get muffled by her beautiful ass when she face smothers him. At the end of this match, you get 2 instant replays of the horrific scissor neck breaker. Once again, the crowd goes wild as she strikes another victory pose. Chun Li: Ultimate Edition was definitely worth the wait!
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