Miss Jasmine
Facesitting Challenge 3
For all you facesitting fans, check out Miss Jasmine's hot challenge. She starts off by putting her entire weight on Trent's face, raising her feet off the ground and letting his nose bury itself further into her crotch. She pushes him to his limits, rarely allowing him to breathe. He taps out frantically but Jasmine just ignores him. Her amazing ass covers his mouth and nose and all you can see is his terrified eyes. Fantasies can be a wonderful thing but they can also be frightening. Miss Jasmine has a lot of fun teasing and torturing Trent. After sitting on his face for nearly 9 minutes, she snatches his neck into one of the TIGHTEST reverse headscissors! He starts desperately gasping for air, pinching her legs to ease up but again she ignores his submissions. She continues to clamp down harder knowing that she has only one minute to SQUEEZE his little head. By the time she's done with him, he's completely wiped. Miss Jasmine ends with a victory pose as she looks down at her defeated victim.
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