Miss Jasmine
Feet (when Scissoring)
Inspired by a thread on MalevsFemale.org, we decided try something new. Feet play a large role in applying a perfect scissorhold and there's no denying that they're also very sexy once locked tightly together. Miss Jasmine was an excellent choice to give this a try and even though this is still an awesome scissor session, the camera angles mostly emphasize and play tribute to her sexy feet. This video also includes back to back knockouts! The first one is in a figure-4 which Jay wakes up with Miss Jasmine fondling his face with her foot. She then applies an extremely tight reverse headscissor and knocks him out once again! After a severe scissor beating, Miss Jasmine strikes a victory pose while smothering the face of her defeated opponent with her sweaty foot. Let us know what you think and if you'd like to see more like this.
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