Miss Jasmine
Fitness Fanatic: Triple KO Session!
When Miss Jasmine kicks it into full gear, it can be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life. What starts off as a simple training session ends up being a KNOCKOUT FRENZY! It all begins when her client Jay fails to show up so she ends up taking out her frustrations on her other client Trent. While training him, she decides to scissor him for extra motivation. Jasmine, dressed in skin tight yoga pants, is just getting warmed up when suddenly Jay finally shows up. She releases her grip on Trent which he then runs out of there like a bat out of Hell. Her eyes lock on Jay as if something really bad is about to happen. She orders him to lay down on the bench as she slips off her yoga pants. She then mounts him and executes a full powered reverse headscissor! He starts panicking frantically and fighting for air but her grip just keeps getting tighter and tighter until his arms flop to the floor and he's out! He wakes up confused and still surrounded but her mighty thighs. He grabs onto her legs out of desperation. Jasmine turns to face him and locks on a front headscissor. This is one of her deadliest holds. She's got these inner thigh muscles that can completely pinch off your air ways. Jasmine flexes her biceps and smiles as she orders Jay to do his chest presses. He can no longer breathe and begs her to stop but she ignores him. He's as purple as a plum before she finally lets him go. She brings him to the floor and knocks him out really good with a rear naked choke. The last time we've seen him twitch so badly in this hold was in Tanya Steel's Pressure Gauge. He wakes up only to be punished in a back to back figure-4 no mercy panic fest followed by one last knockout in another reverse headscissor. We doubt he'll ever be late for Miss Jasmine again.
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