Miss Jasmine
Rise of Xenia Onatopp: Scissor Foreplay
WOW would be the best way to describe this video! After exploring Xenia's background with the interrogation starring Aiden and getting so much great feedback, we thought we'd try it again with the very sexy and very sensual Miss Jasmine. Before Goldeneye, Xenia was practicing and perfecting her special skills on numerous agents and spies. One night, an undercover agent tries to ambush Xenia in her sleep but, before he can even blink, her legs are wrapped around his torso. He's in big trouble now and messed with the wrong girl. Experience this VERY HOT bodyscissor in the agent's P.O.V.(point of view) and you'll fall in love with Xenia all over again as she crushes your ribs. Her mesh latex bodysuit is simply stunning on her. Scissoring him is like foreplay for her and pure ecstasy. She moans with every tight squeeze which causes him to moan in agony. Her legs are all warmed up now and at full power! She knocks him out with a figure-4 headscissor but she's not done with him yet. She locks on a bodyscissor, breaks most of his ribs then snaps his neck with her bare hands! Highly recommended! (Rib breaker and neck snap only available in the Full Length Video.)
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