Miss Jasmine
The Breath Play Therapist
This one is for all you Breath Play fanatics. Not only was Miss Jasmine the first to kick off our Breath Play series, she takes it up a few notches in this VERY intense video. This starts out with her patient explaining a dream that he has about a woman tying him up and forcing him between her thighs while covering his mouth and nose with her hands, preventing him from breathing. What starts off as a dream has now become a reality as Dr. Jasmine uses unorthodox methods to scare the fear out of her patient. First, she convinces him to sit in front of her. She then relaxes him by rubbing his shoulders but then all of a sudden, her legs wrap tightly around his neck and she covers his mouth with her hands, just like in the dream. He starts to panic! Now it's time for phase 2. She pushes him to the floor, takes off her skirt and applies another headscissor, forcing his hands behind him and tying them up with rope. He is completely helpless to the doctor's insane therapy. She holds the H.O.M. longer and longer throughout the session, making him fight for every breath! After taking him passed his limits, she warns him that he'll be dreaming again soon and slowly knocks him out with a tight reverse headscissor. "I feel like he's ready for Phase 3" she says over his dazed body. Prepare to be BREATHLESS!
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