Miss Jasmine
Ultimate Humiliation
Get ready to see Miss Jasmine take humiliation to a whole new level! Her thighs wrap around his neck oh so tightly. Her smooth nylons feel so soft but her strong legs constrict to no end. His hands and feet are bound together. She pulls out a marker to get the fun started. She owns him now so it's only appropriate to brand him as "MJ's BITCH" on his forehead. She writes in a few more deserving insults when suddenly his phone starts ringing. Miss Jasmine answers it and lets his friend know that "Jay's a kinda tied up right now". To add insult to injury, she sends him and everyone else on his contact list pictures of him being scissored, written on and pretty much dominated by his new Master and there's absolutely NOTHING he can do about it! His life is in shambles. Miss Jasmine then locks on an insanely tight reverse headscissor and doesn't stop squeezing until he's totally out. She manages to write some "ZZZZZ" on his face just before he wakes up from his scissor nap. This beautiful Goddess is simply incredible and unstoppable!
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