Miss Jasmine
Xenia Onatopp: Death by Bodyscissors!
James Bond's sexiest and most intriguing adversary Xenia Onatopp is known for her freakishly strong bodyscissors. For the first time, we will actually show her take someone's life using her famous move. She snaps her legs together causing the initial rib crack then constricts and grinds those broken bones together. The Admiral falls victim to her powerful legs as he slowly fades away, then finally collapses. This reenactment of the yacht scene from Goldeneye is more sensual than our previous adaptations. Miss Jasmine really seems to enjoy herself, breathing hard and moaning while crushing him. She also smothers him with her ass, riding his face and scratches his body with her nails. This ends with the iconic scene where she finishes off the Admiral with the bodyscissor rib breaker. We hope you enjoy our latest Xenia Onatopp video and feel free to leave us your feedback.
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