Miss Jasmine
Xenia Onatopp: Steamy Sauna Scene
We knew that Miss Jasmine would make a perfect Xenia and this is over the top HOT! This iconic sauna scene is steamy and the last reverse headscissor knockout can only be described as orgasmic! Xenia leaps onto Mr. Bond's torso, wrapping her strong legs tightly around him. He slams her up against the wall but can't shake her off. He brings her to the floor only to now find himself against her crotch as she shifts from his body to his neck. Her thighs constrict and pulsate, making it nearly impossible for him to catch his breath. She manages to snag his arm and lock him in a triangle choke. Xenia adds more and more pressure until he finally collapses. You can tell he's really out by the way he starts to shake and snore. He's barely awake before she traps him between her scissors again. She then throws him onto the table, straddles him then crushes his body. You can hear his rib snap! He tries to pry her legs apart but it's no use. Before he knows it, she spins around and gets him in another reverse headscissor. Here's the climatic ending you've all been waiting for. Xenia squeezes tighter and TIGHTER as she moans louder and LOUDER until his body goes completely limp. Goodnight Mr. Bond.
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