Bedroom Battles Round 40
This semi-comp match will have you wishing Jayde offered sessions because she's a total blast to wrestle with. She was the very first Fox to do a Bedroom Battle and now she's back better than ever, ready for a rematch. She starts off toying with Jay, simply holding him between her thighs while watching him make a fool of himself trying to escape but then she ramps it up...BIG TIME!! Her figure-4 headscissors are off the charts! She props herself up, putting all her leverage into the scissor which has him screaming for mercy. He can't believe how much stronger she is compared to the first time they tussled. She manhandles him and practically pops his head off with every scissor. She's also much more cheeky this time around and I don't just mean her amazing butt. Jayde's much more cocky and bratty which makes her the perfect wrestling buddy. She even goes as far as calling out his knockout right before applying full pressure and fulfilling her promise. She puts him out real good too. She then hops on his chest and claims her victory...AGAIN!!
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