Fitness Fanatic: Leg Day = KO!
You'll quickly notice that Jayde's leg days have certainly been paying off! Her quads and booty have never looked so amazing! You'll get plenty of chances to admire them since she's sporting the skimpiest bottom she's ever worn on our site and uses plenty of reverse headscissors. The problem Jayde always runs into is fighting for the home gym with her brother-in-law. Luckily for her, she's been training her legs...HARD for these exact moments. While Jay is on the bench, she mounts him, straps her powerful thighs around his neck in a front headscissor and demonstrates just how strong her scissors have gotten. He's instantly shocked and has never been so scared of her. He stares at her as she flexes her biceps. Jayde flips around and gets him a tight reverse. Her ass muscles are taking his breath away. Jayde calmly warns him that if he doesn't give up the gym, she'll knock him out and without hesitation, she does exactly that. She continues to use him as her personal thigh master while working out other parts of her body. Even when he tries with all of his strength, he can't break free from her grip. After crushing his neck, his body and his manhood, she knocks him out again with another reverse headscissor. Jayde strikes a victory pose then hits the leg press to strengthen her already dangerous scissors.
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