Movie Night: Becoming Xenia
To kick off our Xenia appreciation week, we have a great inspirational video where Jayde and her friend are watching Goldeneye together. Things take an interesting twist when Jayde sees Xenia crushing Bond between her thighs in the sauna scene. Her eyes light up as she turns to her friend and says: "I want to try that on you!". Before he knows it, Jayde pounces on him, wraps her legs around his body and starts to squeeze. This movie night just got a LOT more interesting! Excited by this feeling of control, she decides to put his neck in a vise to really show him who's boss. He's no match for her superior athleticism and trying to escape only makes her squeeze harder. She then tests her might by going for a knockout, which she succeeds. Jayde can't wait to watch another Bond movie. Perhaps "Diamonds Are Forever" with Bambi & Thumper?
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