Scissor Challenge 262
This is by far the strongest Jayde has ever been since the beginning of her ScissorFoxes journey! Jay admitted to nearly quitting a few times while trapped between her anaconda thighs. She's a huge CrossFit junkie and her reverse headscissor has become insanely dangerous. Watch as she shows off her strength by making him panic without even crossing her ankles. At one point, she's only using one leg and still manages to make him cry simply by flexing her inner thigh muscles! The entire time, she holds his phone hostage, taunting him and snapping pictures. She even threatens to post them on social media. Jayde's in complete control and executes a perfect KO, informing him that it's for calling her a bitch earlier. Apparently, that's a BIG NO NO! "Nighty night" she says as she clamps down with all of her might until he goes limp. This video also includes P.O.V. including the KNOCKOUT! ENJOY!
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