Sonya Blade: Ultimate Edition!
Our fans have been requesting a tribute to the popular scissor scene in Mortal Kombat for quite some time but, like Xenia, we wanted to do it right. We chose Jayde to be our first Sonya Blade and she does a spectacular job taking on the role. Not only does she resemble her but her handstand scissors are flawless. We knew she was our girl and to top it off, she also looks super sexy in that outfit. Despite safety concerns, Jayde insisted on fighting right on the gravel to make it look authentic and didn't care about scratches or bruises. She gives it all she's got and certainly makes Kano pay with her killer legs. We made sure every key scene is in this Ultimate Edition. The intro, the handstand and the neck breaker FATALITY are just some of the highlights. We even added an Easter egg from the video game. See if you can spot it. We spent a lot of time on this video and hope you really enjoy it!
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