The Escape Room: Episode 3
Jayde continues to impress us more and more every time we work with her. Her physique keeps getting better, her strength and technique always outdoes the previous shoots and she continues to get sexier. This is certainly Jayde at her best! Our latest series "The Escape Room" is one of our hottest sellers and the fans want more! Structured like a game show, the contestant must get their entire body out of the yellow square to win a million dollars. The catch is that he's tied up and matched up with a fit hot wrestler who will do anything to prevent that. PLUS if he fails, the model gets to "finish" him however she chooses. Jayde teases him, letting him get inches from the line then traps him between her athletic thighs, snatching his hopes away. She gets very sadistic and even going as far as knocking him out, purposely taking precious time away from him. As he wakes up disorientated, she reminds him that the clock is still ticking. Aside from her devastating scissors, she includes foot chokes and standing calf chokes. Time's up and Jayde finishes him with a front headscissor NECK BREAKER!! Those muscular thighs of hers crack him like a walnut. She strikes her victory pose and summons the next contestant. "Who's next?"
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