Jenny Blaze
Bedroom Battles Round 19
This 6 foot tall model isn't just all looks. Jenny can also wrestle and she proves it in this bedroom battle. There's no avoiding those long legs of hers. They are everywhere you go and whether you like it or not, she'll get you in between them. Jenny really gives it to him, swiftly moving from one scissorhold to another. She lets him get up and restart a few times but he still doesn't stand a chance. This girl is full of energy and her scissors are anxious to squeeze. Jenny has consistently grown stronger throughout the years and her technique is perfect. Every time she straightens her legs and unleashes her full power, it puts Jay into full panic mode! He taps, pinches and screams; anything to get her to stop. She gets quite mean in the last few minutes, really making him yell for mercy. Once he is barely hanging by a thread, she puts him in a reverse headscissor and says: "I'm not done yet. How much more do you think you can handle?" She clamps down her glutes and doesn't let go until she knows he's out. She gets quite the sense of joy when she knocks men out with her thighs. Jenny Blaze is on fire!
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