Jenny Blaze
Breath Play 18
Sometimes our Breath Play videos can go too far and in this case, Jenny holds her hand over mouth just a little too long, putting Jay out permanently! It all starts with Jenny holding Jay in a semi-firm reverse headscissor. She asks him on a scale from 1 to 10, how hard is it to breathe? He responds "about 5" and with that, he barely gets a chance to breathe for the rest of this session. Jenny constrict her glutes, cutting off his air supply then adding in some HOM. He panics and moans but the sounds are muffled by her hands. She takes great pleasure in watching him suffer. Her long legs tightly squeeze his neck and her hands cover and pinch his nose as his face turns into a deep shade of purple. To make matters worse, his hands are tied behind his back and because of this, Jenny takes a while to notice that she accidentally knocks him out in a side reverse headscissor while covering half of his face with her hand. She laughs it off and puts him right back in another scissorhold. She traps him under a schoolgirl pin and decides to put him out for good. Jenny covers his mouth and nose until there's no more struggle. Not a bad way to go.
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