Jenny Blaze
Canadian Girls Kick Ass 2018
If you didn't know already, ScissorFoxes is based in Canada and we feature many exclusive Canadian girls. Every year or so, we like to feature one of these girls for Canada day. This year, we have the one and only Jenny Blaze. Not only does she get hotter every time we work with her but she gets a hell of a lot stronger. True story: After this shoot, Jay's face was covered in broken red vessels, a real sign of extremely powerful scissors. This 6 foot tall blondie has mastered her technique and when combined with those extremely long athletic legs, it's no wonder she can knock out on demand. This semi-comp match is filled with goodies including one hold which we've never featured before. Jenny pins both of his arms in each of her legs and while he's completely immobilized, she knocks him out with a sleeperhold. Her reverse headscissors are as deadly as they get and she knocks him out purposely right after, wishing him a Happy Canada Day. There's plenty of muscle flexing, intense panic, trash talk and humiliation. ENJOY!
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