Jenny Blaze
Deadly Obsession 4
A tall sexy girl like Jenny gets a lot of attention from men but when it becomes an obsession, it can be very DEADLY! As you're about to see in this footage from last Valentine's day, Jenny was abducted by some creep who wanted to confess his love for her. Her wrists are shackled together but as he gets in close to tie up her legs, she quickly snatches his neck in a calf scissor. She forces him closer to her and informs him that they'll NEVER be together. Her legs then whip out and trap his neck into a front headscissor, slamming him down to the ground. She is relentless and determined to make an example of this guy. She tricks him into giving her the key then knocks him out good. When he wakes up, Jenny is standing above him, dangling the keys for the cuffs that are now locking his wrists together. She goes on a scissor MAYHEM, giving him everything she's got! She knocks him out really good again in a side reverse scissor! Still distraught as he comes to, he tries to tell her that he was out but she doesn't care. She simply pulls him deeper into the scissor until his head is about to pop off. Now it's time for the final lesson. Jenny scoops him up into the tightest reverse and after having her fun with him, she SNAPS his neck violently to finish him off! He really chose the wrong girl to mess with.
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