Jenny Blaze
My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a Scissor Stalker
Jenny Blaze is back again and she just keeps getting hotter and stronger every time! You'd be crazy not to want this stunning 6 foot tall blondie as your girlfriend but crazy is not a word you want to use around her, unless you want to take a scissor nap which Jenny's MORE than willing to do. In fact, she can go a little overboard as you're about to see. If you think a restraining order can stop her, think again! She forces her ex-boyfriend's neck between her long legs and knocks him out 3 TIMES!!! He is completely terrified of her and for good reason. If her scissors aren't stopping him from breathing, her hands (H.O.M.) certainly will. Her strong thighs are quite persuasive and she promises to come back every day until he sees things her way. He'll be needing a neck brace after this.
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