Jenny Blaze
POV: Knockout Fanatic!
If there's one thing to be said about Jenny is that she LOVES knocking out men with her scissors and she has the perfect long athletic legs to do it. She's gotten so good at it over the years that she can pretty much do it on demand (especially with that reverse). Now you get a chance to be put in the hot seat and enjoy the magnificent view of getting scissored by one of our hottest and most dangerous Foxes! The funniest is after the first knockout when Jay isn't even fully awake, she wedges him back into her reverse headscissors. He starts panicking like never before, trying to figure out what the hell happened and why he's getting scissored. He is completely confused and terrified but Jenny takes no pity and knocks him out AGAIN! This girl is a knockout FANATIC and there's no stopping her! ENJOY!
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