Jenny Blaze
The Escape Room: Episode 4
Jenny Blaze is as BRUTAL as she is HOT!! On this episode of The Escape Room, you will witness some of the most devastating scissors yet! As usual, the contestant has 10 minutes to exit the yellow square for a million dollar prize, BUT... Jenny does everything in her power to prevent that by using her most dangerous assets; her scissors! She locks him up between her long vise-like legs, preventing him from even getting close to the line which is unfortunate considering that at the end of the 10 minutes, Jenny gets to finish him off however she chooses. The sound of desperation is muffled by the unlockable legs of the athletic blond. Time is running out and Jenny makes sure to remind him while mocking his failed attempts. At one point, she squeezes a little too hard, accidentally knocking him out. This certainly puts a damper on his already impossible mission. Jenny then holds him in her glorious reverse headscissor for a long period of time, letting the seconds fly by. Time's up and his fate is in her scissors. Jenny SNAPS out her legs out, instantly breaking his neck! Who will be her next contestant?
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