Jenny Blaze
Penalty Sox: The Knockout Hat Trick!
Jenny knocked Jay out twice in a row in her first best-selling Penalty Sox video! This time, she goes for the Knockout Hat Trick! That's right! 3 REAL Knockouts just minutes apart! Jenny has always been freakishly strong and standing at 6 feet tall, her long legs really get a lot leverage. While watching a hockey game, Jay convinces Jenny to bet on whose team would win. If she wins, he would have to buy her tickets to the next game. If he wins, he shyly requests (hoping his secret fetish gets fulfilled) for her to put him in a headscissor to see if he can escape. With a smile and a handshake, she accepts. Jay jumps for joy when his team scores the winning goal but without skipping a beat, Jenny throws him to the floor and locks onto his neck so tight, his face instantly turns purple! He's in BIG trouble now as it looks like Jenny is on a mission to make him regret winning the bet. Unfortunately for Jay, there's no way out of their agreement and he also failed to mention if knockouts were allowed. Jenny decides to add it in the fine print, knocking him out 3 times against his will! First in a side reverse, then in a figure-4 then thirdly with a reverse headscissor! Jenny Blaze controlled every one of them with precision definitely earning that Knockout Hat Trick!
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