Jenny Blaze
The 12 Days of Scissors
Christmas came early this year as you're about to get a heavy dose of SCISSORS, KNOCKOUTS and a whole lot MORE!!! Jenny Blaze is BACK and the 12 Days of Scissoring is her HOTTEST video yet! Her legs are even stronger than before and knocks him out TWICE with total control! Every day until Christmas, she traps her friend in a different sexy hold and keeps him there for hours. This is how she likes to celebrate her holidays and has been doing this for years. Jenny keeps him hostage in her legs while doing her day to day stuff like responding to emails, watching a movie, filing her nails, sipping on some hot coffee and talking to her friends on the phone (also sending pictures of his trapped purple face to them). Yes, it's quite humiliating and it doesn't end there. On day 7, she sits on his back while pinning him down and forces him to smell her stinky feet. On other days she does a bodyscissor, a schoolgirl pin and some hand over mouth. The last knockout is HOT as hell! Jenny scoops him up into a tight reverse headscissor, locking her long legs and constricting her glutes as she gives him full power! She keeps him out long enough to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and finally lets him go. When he comes to, he is so frantic and confused, he jolts right up. We've never seen Jay react this way to a knockout before but that's what 12 days of scissoring can do to a guy.
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