Jessika Bond
Fitness Fanatic: Accidental Neck Break!
Get ready for a colossal scissor annihilation! Our new Fox Jessika Bond has 25" Quads, 17" Calves and 16" Biceps of HARD MUSCLE! Her scissor power is like no other as you're about to see for yourself! This sexy fitness fanatic means business and if you want her as your personal trainer, you'd better be on time and ready to pump serious weights. You DO NOT want to get on her bad side! Watch as one of her clients shows up late for his last time. As he goes down to grab his weights, she puts him to the ground and forces him between her enormous thighs. He goes into full panic mode, tapping like crazy and pinching her legs. It's WAAAAY more pressure than he anticipated! He's in BIG trouble but that doesn't stop Jessika from trying to train her client. She still forces him to lift weights which he does until her legs squeeze too hard, making him drop them so that he can tap and pinch again. She REALLY gives it to him, even knocking him out so bad in a reverse, his arms and mouth start twitching for several seconds. You think she would give him a break but NO! She holds him firmly between her legs of steel and right when he wakes up, she SQUEEZES HARD AGAIN sending him into another PANIC FRENZY! Every hold has the same terrifying effect! Yes, she is that strong, so strong in fact, Jessika, while in the zone, accidentally snaps his neck! This is one of those videos that if you like sexy bodybuilders, REAL intense panic and REAL knockouts, you have to add it to your collection. You won't regret it!
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