Jolene Hexx
Pressure Gauge: I'm Gonna F**k You Up!
It's sometimes hard to believe that such a sweet pretty girl like Jolene can become so mean and really F**K you up! Seriously, she's one of the nicest people and drop dead gorgeous but the moment she's got her long strong legs around your neck, you're totally screwed. Let's take our victim Trent for instance. He can take a lot of pressure but Jolene breaks him down scissor after scissor until he's purple in the face. He nearly goes out in her figure-4 but she seals the deal with her famous reverse headscissor. We don't think it's possible for anyone to not K.O. in that. She's got the leverage, the looks and the power. Jolene Hexx is the total package and she's ready to f**k you up!
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