Jolene Hexx
Rush Therapy: 4 KOs!
Jolene is an expert at scissor knockouts as you're about to witness. What better way to cure a gambling addiction than to associate it with the RUSH you get from a knockout? You can bet that after 4 full knockouts (almost a 5th with the sleeperhold), this sexy therapist will get her point across and eventually cure him. If not, at least she has fun trying. When Jolene wants you out, she simply squeezes her glutes so tightly together that you're instantly seeing stars before you even have time to tap. It's quite an incredible sensation! This therapist clearly knows what she's doing and has perfected her scissoring technique. After the fourth and final knockout, she raises his legs in the air to allow the blood to get back to his head. As you can imagine, he's probably feeling a little off after this session. Jolene's ready to see her next patient.
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