Kayla Woods
Breath Play 31
Kayla Woods already has a very strong presence but when she walks into the room wearing a skin tight red latex catsuit with black stilettos which puts her at 6'2", you can't help but feel totally inferior to this Goddess! She is so dominant in this Breath Play and poor chained up Trent gets destroyed and humiliated in every way possible. Kayla uses her big hands, toned ass and even her armpit to prevent him from breathing. She's even able to cover his face, nose and mouth with just one of her hands. Her muscular thighs keep him right where she wants him while her glutes bounce on his face while she's facesitting or in front of his face when trapped in her reverse headscissors. She shows off her perfect biceps numerous times, reminding just how superior and in charge she is. It takes everything in Trent to make it to the end, which he barely does. Kayla strikes a victory pose over his broken down body. Do you think you have what it takes to survive this?
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