Kayla Woods
Hardcore Army Bitch!
Kayla Woods is extremely HARDCORE when it comes to her physique and working out that amazing booty! You may want to think twice before participating in her boot camp as she takes no pity on her "volunteer" thigh masters. Watch her bounce and flex her glutes while both men are trapped and forced to stare at the mesmerizing show. Her power is FAR more superior than theirs and she takes their breath away with her arm flexing, facesitting, foot chokes and explosive scissors! She snaps the neck of the first man between her muscular thighs without even breaking a sweat. She then rolls in her second squeeze toy and turns his neck into mush. Those legs are made of steel and you're lucky to make it out alive. Unfortunately for the second victim, he has his hands tied behind his back so the hopes of even prying those mammoths apart (if even possible) is out of the question. After a series of brutal scissor abuse she keeps this one alive...for now!
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