Kayla Woods
Leg Day 2
Kayla's athleticism is simply out of this world! Today is leg day and she calls on her friend Jay to help her out as he had promised. He tried to refuse in the past but, let's just say, he suffered the consequences. So now he knows to obey her every command and first on the agenda, Kayla goes into a perfectly controlled handstand, opens her legs into a "V" shape and demands that he stick his neck between them. She slams them shut and starts pulsating her muscular glutes all while staying in a handstand. She then tells him to go on his knees where she does push ups while still holding him in her reverse headscissors. She continues to show off her power by flexing her incredible biceps, crushing him with more scissors, a front handstand scissor and then finally knocking him out in a rear naked choke. Right before she puts him out, she teases him about breaking a rib and then warns him that he's in big trouble. Kayla tightens up her grip, they both fall to their side and Jay slowly fades away. She waits a few moments for him to wake up then gives him one last body squeeze while she flexes for the camera. She stands up above him and gives us even more butt, legs and arm flexes. Kayla is obviously built to scissor and is taking the world by storm!
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