Kayla Woods
Pressure Gauge: Knockout Queen
Ever since Kayla Woods entered the scene, we've received countless emails asking us to work with her. Well, the wait is finally over and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! Not only is this woman a phenomenal muscle Goddess but this is the first time you'll witness her doing REAL scissor knockouts on film. We must warn you, the first KO is very extreme and takes him awhile to come back to reality. She didn't realize that he was out until Venus intervened. Luckily, the sweet Kayla nurtures him back to health, well, at least until she crushes him again. Needless to say, it took 2 victims to survive this Pressure Gauge, each taking turns to endure the insanity. The second KO comes at the end with a reverse headscissor. Shortly after Kayla shows off her butt muscles by making them dance in his face, she puts him out again. This time, he wakes abruptly and screaming. She ends her reign of terror with some sexy muscle flexing. Yeah, you DEFINITELY need to see this for yourself! Queen Kayla is the REAL DEAL!
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