Kayla Woods
Scissor Challenge 259
Kayla completely destroys and humiliates Jay after overhearing him trash talking her to his buddy, saying that she isn't as strong as she thinks she is. Kayla storms into his room, throws his phone aside and locks on a TIGHT reverse headscissor, daring him to try and budge her muscular legs apart. She bounces her glutes in his face, taunting her strength and flexing her incredible biceps. There's no way he's getting out of there unless she lets him go. Kayla warns him a couple of times that she'll be knocking him out and there's absolutely nothing he can do about it. There's some great P.O.V. shots in this including the knockout which is probably the most intense one out of all of Kayla's videos. He's out immediately after she says: "Let the games begin" for a good 10 seconds. Her thighs unlock and his head drops. Kayla comforts him as he comes back from his land of confusion then proceeds to flex her muscles in his face, forcing him to call his friend and take back everything he said. There was no hesitation.
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