Kayla Woods
The Crush Therapist
Ever suffer from claustrophobia or any other phobias? Kayla Woods describes herself as Dr. Fix It and can cure all of your problems. Her methods are quite extreme and she loves using her superior power to put you in TIGHT situations. She gets her client to rest his head on her right leg and before he knows it, her left leg swings over and locks his neck between them! He has NO CLUE what he's in for! She traps him in a reverse headscissor while pulsating her glutes, forcing him to face his fears while staring at her magnificent booty bounce. As her muscles get warmed up, she removes items of clothing, revealing her rock solid body. You can see why she's able to achieve maximum fear with those big strong thighs. She puts him to sleep mid way through with a sleeperhold, demonstrating the strength in her arms. She then stands on him with her full weight, demanding that he takes deep breaths (while he still can). Kayla then gives him the final treatment which always gets the BEST results. He finds himself, once again, in a tight reverse and as she pours on her full pressure, he instantly goes out like a light. Kayla is currently accepting new clients. Don't miss out!
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