Madam Mysteria
Bedroom Battles Round 32
Madam Mysteria's strength is indescribable and if you've been fortunate enough to session with her, you'll know exactly what we mean. When she did a practice squeeze on Jay before we got started, he was tapping immediately and had that look on his face like "I'm in BIG trouble". It also didn't help that another victim decided not to show up for the shoot without notice. Needless to say, Jay barely makes it out alive and you'll see it in this Bedroom Battle. Mysteria is extremely quick and very good at wrestling. She defeats him round after round, making him tap like his life depends on it. Her reverse figure-4 is out of this world! As she constricts her muscles, your face is forced into her glutes, making it impossible to breathe. It's like being under water. She squeezes and releases over and over again until you can no longer catch your breath and the panic sets in. It seems to be one of her signature moves. Even though Mysteria does not offer knockouts in her sessions, these things do happen with that kind of power. She knocks him out with a reverse and a front headscissor then sticks her foot in his face as he wakes up while flexing her beautiful biceps. You definitely want to check this out!
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