Madam Mysteria
Muscle Assassin
Can you imagine being at the mercy of an assassin as big and powerful as Madam Mysteria? Her muscles are solid as rock and she's built to crush boulders between her thighs. NO ONE stands a chance once she has you locked in her scissorholds! This guy, who owes the wrong people money, is about to get destroyed by this FBB hired to finish him off. Unfortunately for him, Mysteria likes to put her victims through hell and back before finishing the job. Just look at those LEGS! You would need the jaws of life to get out of those. There's also some pretty intense breathplay including Hand Over Mouth and her signature reverse figure-4 where her legs crush his face into her glutes, depriving him of any air. Listen to her leather boots squeak as she amps up the pressure of her scissors. The fear in his eyes and the panic in his breath says it all. Finally, Mysteria has had her fun and breaks his neck like a little twig using her thighs of steel. She is unstoppable! (Neck Breaker available in Full Video only.)
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